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Ways to Pre-Plan


Where Do I Begin? Start with us

We want you to be comfortable in the pre-planning process and recognize that we all learn differently.  For this reason, we provide various ways to take the most important step in pre-planning: EDUCATION   

Ways to start the pre-planning process: 

Contact us for an appointment

Sit down with one of our experienced counselors for a no-obligation appointment

Attend a seminar

We offer seminars to learn more about pre-planning to gain peace of mind - FREE 


A counselor will sit down with you to explain how to complete & utilize the organizer - FREE  

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LEARN MORE Reasons to pre-plan

4 Reasons to Pre-Plan: 

  1. Removes the BURDEN from the ones you love
  2. Eliminates emotional OVERSPENDING
  3. Guarantees TODAY'S PRICE forever
  4. Gives you PEACE OF MIND
People tell us their primary reason is PEACE OF MIND.  Planning is a part of life.  We buy insurance, we put away money for college and we plan for our children's futures.  

Death is a part of life, why not PLAN for it?

Pre-planning enables you to make end-of-life decisions according to YOUR wishes and front the costs yourself so your family or friends don't have to.  Pre-planning also allows you to pay today's prices and may allow for more versatility in payment options to enable you to leave your legacy and preserve your memory on YOUR own terms.   

When the tasks and costs are covered in advance of death, the process is not nearly as daunting or stressful.  ALL who pre-plan are grateful that there is an option to manage most of the tasks and costs ahead of time and on their own terms, instead of leaving all these crucial decisions to loved ones in an extremely trying time filled with grief and emotion.  By pre-planning, decisions are made YOUR likeness instead of in haste by someone else. 

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Many times, families are unaware of any wishes regarding arrangements or even previous arrangements made by their loved one.  Everyone dies, but no one ever wants to talk about it - especially those closest to you.  Often, families are also unprepared to cover the costs to grant the final wishes of the deceased loved one.  These unanswered questions and lack of preparation often cause feelings of resentment and guilt among those left behind.  

The Family Planning Organizer has enabled hundreds of families to eliminate much of the confusion and stress which often threatens relationships at the time of a loved one's passing.  Many of us have been involved in making funeral and cemetery arrangements for loved ones.  We know first-hand how the anguish of losing someone coupled with managing all the aspects and costs of funeral and cemetery arrangements make the loss of a loved one difficult and overwhelming.  We are here to help you and your family avoid making crucial decisions in a time of grief.

Death is unavoidable but the stress of making these decisions AT the time of death IS avoidable.  Like many tasks in life, planning for burial arrangements is a process which may be accomplished in steps and we help you along the whole way.  

We are eager to help you pre-plan and take the next step in gaining peace of mind!  Our counselors have witnessed how the absence of this important task has threatened the relationships of those left behind and want to avoid that for your family.  

We offer options for any budget and encourage you to contact us to learn more.  We are happy to offer you a complimentary Family Planning Organizer as our thank you gift for choosing us.  Click here to request an Organizer TODAY!

Thank you once again for visiting & hope to see you soon! 

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